I'm a passionate world traveler and travel photographer. I've been traveling to the world's most interesting places for more than 20 years, visiting 77 countries on 6 continents and am constantly planning my next adventures.

I eschew popular forms of travel, avoiding generic resort destinations, cruises, and tour groups, for simple, independent travel. I travel by public transport, stay in local hotels, eat the street food and interact with the locals as much as possible. I travel purely for cultural reasons visiting predominantly developing countries.

I rarely pass a single hour without dreaming of being in another culturally rich, fascinating place. I never feel more in my element than when I'm sitting in a developing world market, eating a bowl of local food, being the only westerner in sight and hearing not a single word of any recognizable language. That's my comfort zone and it never ceases to enthrall me. I am a true adventurer at heart.

I limit editing of my photos, shooting in RAW format and using Adobe Lightroom for post-processing to make the photo appear closer to what I saw through the viewfinder, but I avoid using processing to change the essence of the photo.
Other than my camera and zoom lens and a tripod, I use a circular polarizing filter on some shots.

Nikon D7000 DSLR
Nikon (Nikkor) 18-200mm lens, Nikon (Nikkor) 40mm lens
Circular Polarizer

This website contains my favorite photos from my travels.